Plastic pulley wheel CNC custom nylon/HDPE plastic pulley



With its exceptional properties and wide range of applications, the CNC custom nylon/HDPE plastic pulley is a product that promises superior performance and durability. This pulley wheel is not just another plastic product, but an innovative solution that outperforms traditional steel or iron pulleys in more than one way.

Product Features

The CNC custom nylon/HDPE plastic pulley offers high mechanical strength, which makes it suitable for large machinery. It boasts a good wearability and self-lubrication and its wearability is 4-5 times better than steel or iron pulley. It can operate in a wide temperature limit from -40 degree to 100 degree and it reduces vibration, operates smoothly and makes no noise.

The plastic pulley wheel does not damage the coupled material. For instance, if it is used for crane pulley and wire rope, the service life can be prolonged by 10 times. Furthermore, this product has a self-extinguishing function, making it safe to use. It is lightweight, with a density of 1/7 of steel and 1/2.5 of copper. It also has good corrosion resistance, sheds water and does not rust. This pulley wheel provides good machining operations and high shape stability.

Product Specifications

Plastic Pulley

item value
Place of Origin China
Brand Name everpower
Model Number custom
Plastic Modling Type Mould
Processing Service Moulding
Material Nylon
Product name Plastic Injection Molding
Color Custom Color
Size Customer Customized
Application Industrial
Service Customized OEM
Process Injection Mould Plastic Part
Usage Widely
Keyword Custom Plastic Injection Mould
Surface treatment Texture

About Us

Hebei everpower Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Jing County, Hengshui city, Hebei province. We are a modern high-tech enterprise in the integration of R&D, production and market expansion of high-performance engineering rubber and plastic products. Our company specializes in the production of polyurethane products, all kinds of engineering plastics products, such as nylon, HDPE, UHWMPE, POM, ABS, PP, PEEK, PC and other plastic products, rubber products processing.

We are driven by quality and are committed to provide world-class products meeting customers’ expectations. In order to ensure that our products match international standards, an elaborate quality assurance plan has been laid down. The quality control begins right at the stage of procurement of raw-materials and is earned through each process of production to finished products and testing each lot before packing and despatch. We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified to show our commitment to quality.

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1. Where are we based?

We are based in Hebei, China.

2. How do we guarantee quality?

We always conduct a pre-production sample before mass production and a final Inspection before shipment.

3. What products can you buy from us?

You can purchase Nylon Product, UHMWPE Products, Polyurethane Products, Plastic Injection Products, Rubber Products, and more from us.